Exploring Interoception: Insights from Neuroscience and Psychology

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  • Interoception, May 24
     May 24, 2024
     1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

This course delves into the fascinating realm of interoception, the process of sensing, interpreting, and integrating internal bodily signals. Interoception plays a crucial role in various aspects of human experience, including emotional regulation, decision making, and overall well-being. Through an interdisciplinary approach encompassing neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy, students will explore the neural mechanisms underlying interoception, its relationship with consciousness, and its implications for health and behavior. Topics covered include the role of the insular cortex, autonomic nervous system function, interoception and emotion, and clinical applications. Students will engage with cutting-edge research, discuss theoretical frameworks, and critically evaluate the significance of interoception in understanding the mind-body connection.

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