Neuroscience Classes

Title: Neuroscience for Manual Therapists
Instructor: Dr. Mark Olson, LMT
Online Format: Video
Availability: Coming Soon
Description: This professional development class for manual therapists provides numerous insights about bodywork from a neuroscience perspective. This course has two components: a video lecture series followed by a webinar series, each offered separately with the lecture series as a prerequisite for the webinar. Topics include:
  • Neurocentric vs. Myocentric Perspectives
  • Common Factors in Therapeutic Settings
  • Neuroscience of Discriminative and Affective Touch
  • Neuroscience of Acute and Chronic Pain
  • Neuroscience of Explicit and Implicit Memory
  • Neuroscience of Attention and Awareness
  • Neuroscience of Interoception and Affect
  • Neuroscience of Mindfulness and Agency
  • Neuroscience of Trauma and Implicit Safety
  • How Does Bodywork Work?
Title: Neuroscience of Mindfulness
Instructor: Dr Mark Olson, LMT
Online Format: Video + Live/Interactive
Dates: Coming Soon
Description: This course examines the neuroscientific underpinnings for mindfulness, with specific focus on the functions of vision, memory, attention, interoception, emotion, personality, and behavior. Participants will gain a basic understanding of brain organization principles and will be introduced to conceptualizing human functioning from a neuroscientific perspective. Special focus is given to these topics as they integrate with bodywork, trauma, body awareness, meditation, and interpersonal relationships.